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The Jane Telephonda ensemble is fronted by husband and wife Ivar Jonsson and Asdis Rosa, based out of the Reykjavik area in Iceland. Ivar is best known for his ambitious concept album Revolution in the Elbow of Ragnar Agnarsson Furniture Painter, which gathered universal appraise and was nominated for an Icelandic Music Award in 2014. The release was followed by a theatrical production with the same name at the Minetta Theatre in Manhattan, running for three months to critical acclaim.

Originally only consisting of Ivar and Asdis, Jane became an ensemble in 2016, with the addition of more Icelanders with difficult names: Albert Thorbergsson, Brynjar Bjornsson, Gretar Olafsson, Hans Julius, Holmsteinn Halldorsson, Petur Sigurdsson and Rafn Johannesson.

The Jane Telephonda family is big. All in all, the nine members have 19 children, so balancing the life of a musician, a daytime job and family life presents a considerable challenge. But their passion for music is strong, so they make it work. Somehow.


Boson of Love LP


On Jane's first LP, Boson of Love, the subject matter ranges from the most fundamental questions in the universe, to short stories about leather clad unicorns held captive in a circus under less-than-sanitary conditions.

The LP, out on Brooklyn indie label Mother West on 17 Nov 17, follows two singles also released on that label, Into the Light We Go and Transmuted Saltness.